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Meridian International is a premier school with best academic infrastructure and student friendly environment. Integrated to the CBSE curriculum, our courses are curated to provide students, best international aspects of educational practices along with ensuring equal importance to extracurricular and sporting activities. With a strong team of academicians, teachers and visionary management, we move forward to provide quality learning complemented by futuristic technology. Our campus is fully equipped to provide a holistic experience to all students and teachers. We are a value driven and result oriented team of educational professionals who believe that every step of education paints the betterment of our society. The thought leadership team ensures that strong moral values are not only adhered to, but are also naturally shared in the hearts of every child, teacher and administration staff associated with us.


We view education as an esteemed source of inspiration which should be embedded in children right from the beginning. Taking pride in the perfect amalgamation of moral values and academics, our team of teachers, administrators and caregivers ensure that our vision is bestowed in the mind and heart of these little children.


Our mission is to imprint values and ethics in young hearts; the generation that will bring a positive impact in all our lives. Each child possesses great intrinsic qualities which he/she discovers with the right guidance. Our academics, interactive sessions and extracurricular activities all carry this mission forward in the most efficient way.

Message From The Director

"Learning is an infinite loop and still exquisite to each mind"
With a vision of creating a flawless educational experience that leads the nation towards enlightenment, I have founded the Meridian International School. Uncompromised quality led by affordable education is my pillar on which the organization stands firm. With a keen eye for child development, pedagogy is designed to instill an inspirational motive and positive vision in the children. I wish that every child in this school has a great experience along with a positive morale.


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