Pre- Primary Programs

(Nursery to Sr. Kg)
As your child takes the first step towards the world of education, we make sure that their initiation is both comfortable and warm. With the best academic infrastructure, colorfully designed classrooms, curvilinear furniture and well-versed staff, we bring children into a nurturing, and an adaptable environment. By introducing them to the world of letters, numbers, color-recognition themes and the art of music, we enable holistic development of the brain and basic life skills for a strong future. Mixing fun with cognitive learning, we ensure that every kid gets the best of his/her time in the school while they grow m-0 at a healthy pace. We develop formal life-skills in the children through an informal learning methodology using videos, games, activities and self-discovery sessions. Our pre-primary students get access to an outdoor play area, vegetable patch, art center, pet corner, reading center, writing center, dramatic play center, math and manipulative center, music center, ball pool, doll house, minizoo and an attractive farmhouse too. To give a glimpse of real-life infrastructures of sheer importance, we have toy versions of hospitals, banks and fire stations at our premises too. Our pre-primary programme is curated such that in the initial phase child enjoys home-like warmth which is extended to the classrooms.

Primary Programs

(Grades I to V)
Latest learning trends are used to teach basic concepts of mathematics, science, social studies, general knowledge and moral science. Conscious brain enhancement, dance, music and art & craft are embedded in the children right from their first stage of schooling. The teachers as well as the admin staff ensures that every kid gets a personalized learning experience and develops a strong competitive attitude as well as academic capabilities. As kids come to a rapid grow m-0th stage in this age, our primary programme is designed by academicians to strengthen their fundamental skills in all fields to establish a solid foundation for learning. We enhance their learning experience with positively held competition to introduce them to the future challenges. Nurturing students from the initial stage of life is important and we ensure this by enabling a learning environment that opens their mind to a faster and qualitative learning.

Middle School Program

Grades VI to VIII
Our dedication of making learning a memorable experience, is embedded in the middle school with disciplinary grow m-0th. From academics to physical grow m-0th, we ensure that your child gets equal opportunity & support through counseling sessions and assessment. At Meridian International, schooling is specialized but not limited to academic learning, and it extends to practical & physical knowledge enhancement too. Based on the philosophy of our Director, Mr. Sikandar, the crucial stage of their middle schooling is given utmost care with complete freedom for self-development. Behavioral grow m-0th is focused with utmost priority for middle school students, allowing them to take on more challenges positively. Counselling sessions to bring a student’s thought constraints to practical enhancement help us enable efficient behavioral grow m-0th. To strengthen the core of their academics, we mix books with practical examples through our fully digitized classroom sessions. Interactive infographics, video summaries and gamified quizzes unlock their minds towards learning with higher engagement.

Senior Secondary

Grades IX to X
The secondary school programme is backed with extensive subject-wise learning to help them get through one of the most challenging stages of school. Our library sessions and regular offsite activities including excursions, day-outs, monumental exploration events and vacationary travel activities enable social development as well as mental relief to the secondary school children. Olympiads, quiz sessions and interactive plays are conducted extensively to help them explore their inner capabilities and, and bring in the zest of competition in them. The teachers focus on the strategy of “teach, test and train”, which takes the students through a route of personalized evaluation, feedback and guidance to improve their cognitive skills.

Sr. Secondary School Programme

Grades XI to XII
With well-experienced teachers at the core of teaching, we provide one of the best secondary school experiences to the budding minds in their adolescence. Being an extensive academic stage, we conduct regular counseling sessions to understand each child's personal talents and barrier in grow m-0th. The aim of all our counselling sessions is to help them find their path and build action plans to move forward in it with clarity. As a technology led school, we provide complete technical support and motivation to students to explore and enhance their knowledge in any field. Our expert panel of academicians helps them carve their own future with inspiration to grow m-0, learn and excel in their future ahead. The end of school lays the foundation to the beginning of the rest of their lives. That’s why we ensure that before they step into the world of further challenges and responsibilities, every student is well equipped with the right skills, attitude, ethics and most importantly, grades. Confidence, persona and exquisiteness is what our school graduates go out with, which paves their own way into a great future ahead.